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It is so hard to imagine a world without Poboys! These popular sandwiches can be made with a couple of ingredients and are loved by people all over the globe. Poboys have been around for decades now. They gained popularity immediately after their invention. Since then, people have been in love with these delicious sandwiches and we serve the best poboys at our sandwich shop! At Paulie’s Poboys – The Best Sandwich Shop in Houston, we proudly serve the most irresistible and affordable Poboy sandwiches. If you are craving a fresh, juicy and healthy sandwich, we encourage you to stop by our shop.


Today’s lifestyle is completely different from what it was 50 years ago. Families no longer sit around a large table to have their meals. Nowadays, people are extremely busy with tightly packed schedules. This is the reason convenience food is in demand greater than ever. Paulie’s Poboy sandwiches are the perfect convenience food. You can eat a Poboy sandwich without a plate or any other special utensil. You can eat your sandwich on your way (if you are not driving) and can easily store it away in a lunchbox. If you want to enjoy the best Poboys in town, do visit our Sandwich Shop in Houston, TX.


Another reason why our sandwiches are so popular is that there are a number of options available to choose from. From turkey and corned beef Poboy to shrimp and grilled chicken wrap, you get to enjoy a lot of variety. Besides the amazing bread, the ingredients used to make the sandwiches are also super tasty and fresh. Everything from pickles and cheese to indulgent mayo, our sandwiches are second to none.

Comfort Food

At Paulie’s Poboys – Sandwich Shop in Houston, Texas, we offer rich and satisfying sandwiches. Perhaps the biggest reason why people love our sandwiches is that they are associated with comfort food. You can take them to the office for lunch or have them as a quick snack.

Quality Ingredients

To make a tasty Poboy sandwich, our chef start’s with tasty ingredients. Opting for high-quality cheese, mayo, homemade pickles, and fresh condiments helps in ensuring that all the sandwiches look and taste their best. Next time you feel like eating a great Poboy, do visit our Sandwich Shop in Houston, Texas. You will surely keep on returning for more!

Stop by Paulie’s Poboys Sandwich Shop

Whether you love a sandwich due to its versatility, convenience or taste, if you are looking for the best sandwiches in town, you ought to visit Paulie’s Poboys. We serve Poboy sandwiches, salads, desserts, and more. From our Whole Muffuletta to our Cuban sandwich, you’ll be sure to find a new favorite every time you come to visit us. A great sandwich is a joy that you don’t want to miss!
Muffuletta Sandwich

Our Muffuletta Sandwich is a Must Try!

Try our Muffuletta sandwich as it is recognized as the best sandwich!  Our poboy sandwiches in Houston are always served with fresh ingredients to fill your appetite. At our Poboy shop in Houston, Texas, we only use freshly baked bread. Choose from our variety of sandwiches and enjoy your meal time. They are all-in-one kind of sandwiches that are everyone’s everyday favorite for a simple meal. Moreover, our Houston Poboy sandwiches are affordable and are available in so many different tastes and variations.

Best Meal Choice

The best thing about our Muffuletta sandwich is that it has the best ham salad in it. The best thing is that you will love the way all the ingredients are grooving in the tastiest mayo. The entire Muffuletta is big enough to satisfy you and keep you full for the rest of the day. Additionally, our Houston Poboys can be enjoyed on-the-fly as well as at your desk as they don’t require any utensils. Our consumers say that convenience and the magical taste of our Poboys in Houston are the two primary reasons they make a purchase. Besides being extremely convenient, all our sandwiches are super healthy.

A Well-known and Familiar Meal with Endless Possibilities

When you visit our Houston Sandwich Shop, you will realize that there are endless options to choose from. We have a sandwich for every taste, mood, and time of the day. If you haven’t tried our very famous Muffuletta sandwiches, you must give them a try! The flavors and versatility of our Muffuletta speak for themselves. At our Poboy shop in Houston, we get to see an inspiringly diverse and adventurous customer base every day. This is the reason we keep on experimenting with new flavors without pushing the boundaries of the traditional Houston Poboys.

What’s so special About Muffuletta Sandwich?

What’s there not to like about large, double meat and double cheese sandwich with the mother of all sauces on top? Actually, it’s not exactly a sauce but the topping is done with generously piled pickles and mayo, which is then covered with the tastiest bread.

We Take Spreads and Dressings to the Edge

At our Poboy Shop in Houston, we make sure mayo is spread all the way to the edge to guarantee every bite of the Muffuletta is worth it! The spread creates a little barrier on the surface that prevents other ingredients from making everything soggy.

It’s all about the Layers

We use the best Jalapeno cheese and team it with something contrasting like pickles to balance out the taste. When all our ingredients are combined, they create a deeper flavor profile that hits all your taste buds simultaneously. At Paulie’s Poboys, our Houston sandwich shop, we believe in putting our heart and soul into every meal that we prepare.

Order the Original and Best Muffuletta at Paulie’s Poboys!

Paulie’s Poboy shop in Houston serves the best Poboy sandwiches, including our original and best Muffuletta! Poboy is a unique sandwich with a rich history. You can get these sandwiches in Houston, Texas, but they originated from Louisiana in the early 20th century. They were invented by two brothers named Benny and Clovis Martin. Moreover, the Martin brothers introduced a sandwich shop in New Orleans that served Poboys made using French bread filled with a variety of meat or seafood. At our Houston Sandwich Shop, which goes by the name Paulie’s Poboys, we prepare the very famous Poboys using Cuban Bread. Not only do they turn out to be extremely delicious but also have a unique taste that you can’t experience anywhere else!

Experience the Perfection

Our Sandwiches in Houston gained huge popularity due to the use of freshly-made bread which is crispy on the exterior and incredibly soft on the interior. You can get it packed, take it to your home, and enjoy it during dinner time. Additionally, you can always pair it with a bag of Chips & a Cold Soda. The best thing about these poboy sandwiches is that they are big enough to be a meal, which was the original idea of what a Poboy sandwich should be; an affordable way for busy workers to eat a fulfilling lunch on the job. Furthermore, our Poboys smell as delicious as they look. You’ll be amazed to witness how perfectly lubricant the fillings in the sandwiches are. Some ingredients might slide out a little of the sandwich, and that’s why we make sure our customers always have napkins by their sides.

Much-loved Muffuletta!

What makes our Poboy shop in Houston stand out is the fact that we have the best and the juiciest Muffuletta. Let’s tell you a brief history of everyone’s favorite Muffuletta sandwich: Without a doubt, New Orleans is known for being one of the greatest food destinations around the globe and the Muffuletta sandwiches are one of the most famous foods there. The Muffuletta was created by Salvatore Lupo in 1906. It was at Lupo’s store, that a Sicilian farmer coming from the French Marker would order the main ingredients of the Muffuletta and eat them separately. One day, Lupo saw people trying to balance trays filled with food on their laps and that’s when he decided to mix all the ingredients in a sandwich. This is how the much-loved Muffuletta sandwich came into being. At our Houston Sandwich Shop, we have hands down the best Muffuletta sandwiches. They are filled with moist ham salad, fluffy bread, and Jalapeno cheese that won’t disappoint you! Besides that, mayo and pickles help elevate the taste. Once you try our Muffuletta sandwich, you will come back over and over again for it.

What do Iconic Paulie’s Poboys Look and Taste Like?

In a world full of restaurants serving Poboy sandwiches, our Poboy shop in Houston is without a doubt the best! We serve the most delicious yet affordable Poboys loaded with high-quality ingredients. From seafood to roast beef and turkey filled into crisp Cuban Poboy Bread you got to try them to experience them yourself! Through our Poboy shop Houston, we bring New Orleans’ most iconic food to our city. To check the full menu we have to offer at Paulie’s Poboys, visit To view our full menu, visit

Things you need to know about Paulie’s Poboys

The size

Here’s a rundown of what happens when you order your favorite sandwich at Houston Poboy Shop. In a moment, you will be served a large sandwich made by cutting a fresh loaf of bread in two. It will be filled with sliced roast beef, tuna, or whatever you ordered; lettuce, tomatoes, and drowning oozing with sauces. You will be surprised to find how remarkably good the sandwich tastes and looks both at the same time.

The bread

Hands down, we serve the best Poboys in Houston. The bread our chefs use is at peak freshness and is the finest bread you have ever tasted. The crust is simply perfect and not at all flaky. It is crunchy but not hard as a rock. The inside will feel like cotton candy. This is why you’ll eat this big sandwich and wonder how you finished it? Well, that’s because the lightness of the bread is magical and you won’t get to enjoy it anywhere else.


When you visit our Poboy shop in Houston, you will realize why it is so famous and loved by so many people. Unlike others, we use a generous amount of Mayo to give the taste that the sandwich deserves. Mayo is basically like a buffer. If you don’t have enough layers of mayo, the gravy will soak right into the bread and that’s not what you want.

The types of Poboy sandwiches

Paulie’s Poboys is a name when it comes to po’boy sandwiches. The best part is that it is filled with a variety of proteins. Other than classic roast beef, there are plenty of Poboys to choose from, especially at our Houston Poboy Shop. The two most common seafood fillings for our Poboy are fried shrimp and tuna. In addition to the standard ‘dressed’ toppings, these amazing sandwiches come with a swipe of the yummiest sauces for some extra kick.

How to Eat?

Once your order has arrived, take a minute, stand back and admire the mountain of food. You might then notice that Poboys are messy to eat, and that’s alright. Put your elbows on the table, lean forward, a little away from your chest, and you are all set to dig in the mouth-watering beauty. Don’t worry about the stuff that falls as you can always enjoy it later!

Paulie’s Po-Boy Is a Rich Food Tradition

Are you looking for the juiciest, the yummiest, in short, the best Poboys in Houston? Paulie’s Poboys has got you covered! Here, you will be served these perfect classic Cuban Poboy Bread sandwiches that too at affordable rates. Our Houston Poboy Shop is all about creating an experience for our customers. From homemade pickles to premium quality imported olive oil, we aim to leave you with more than just the tastiest food in your belly. Visitors to our Poboy shop in Houston will be amazed to find a wide variety of Poboy sandwiches, but first, let’s take a quick look at the history of these scrumptious sandwiches.

Paulie’s Poboys

Piled with homemade pickles, and filled with shrimp, beef, turkey, or whatever you choose, you will get the best Poboys. The filling is served between two long pieces of Cuban Poboy Bread. At our Poboy shop in Houston, you can enjoy many types of Poboy sandwiches ranging from roast beef and tuna to shrimp and Philly.

Types of Poboys

The most unique Po-boy is our Muffaletta Poboy which has ham, salami, mortadella, provolone cheese, olive mix, and mayo, on tasty cuban Poboy bread. The best part about these mouth-watering sandwiches is that they are always the most inexpensive. If you are in the mood for something unique, you can tantalize your taste buds with our Poboys. To view our full menu, visit