Classic Poboys

Classic Poboys by Paulie’s Poboys are not to be missed!

When it comes to finding the best poboy sandwiches in Houston, Texas, Paulie’s Poboys is the place to visit! Offering an extensive menu, Paulies Poboys is a family-owned business that has been serving customers in Houston, Texas, for over 70 years. Our unique menu includes over 2 dozen poboy sandwiches, each with different flavors and tastes. Our Poboy sandwiches are made to perfection, using tasty toasted bread. Let’s have a look at some of the Classic Poboy sandwiches on our menu:

Supreme Poboy Sandwich – Loaded with extra ham, provolone cheese, extra ham, chow chow, mayo, and pickles, the Supreme poboy sandwich by Paulie’s Poboys is one of our hot sellers!

Regular Poboy – For simple choice lovers, the regular poboy sandwich is the best! Loaded with imported ham, salami, provolone cheese, chow chow, mayo, and pickles, this sandwich can be enjoyed by anyone!

Turkey Poboy – For all those turkey sandwich lovers, this poboy is the answer to their prayers! Made to perfection with oven roasted turkey, smoked Swiss gouda, sweet pickles, and mayo, this is a winner!

Smoked Turkey Sandwich – This sandwich is packed with smoked turkey, smoked Swiss gouda, sweet pickles, and mayo, and is a favorite among turkey lovers!

Corned Beef – Our corned beef sandwich is loved by beef lovers. The magical ingredients include corned beef, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard, mayo, and sauerhraut.

Chicken Salad Sandwich – Popular among health-conscious lovers, the chicken salad poboy sandwich is made from scratch using chicken breast meat. Some other ingredients include red pepper, celery, onion, sweet pickles, provolone cheese, and mayo.

Club Poboy – A unique combination of ham, turkey, provolone cheese, bacon, and cream Dijon mustard on poboy bread, the club poboy is another popular sandwich on our menu.

Tuna Poboy Sandwich – Stuffed with tuna provolone cheese, mayo, pickles, and spices, the Tuna poboy sandwich is healthy and fulfilling.

Porky Poboy – Economically priced, our Porky Poboy sandwich is stuffed with ham salad, jalapeno cheese, mayo, and pickles. It will surely fill you up and satiate your taste buds!

Nature Boy – Perfectly made for vegans, the Nature Boy poboy sandwich contains all vegetarian tabouli salad, feta cheese, romaine lettuce, olive oil, tomatoes, and red onion, on wheat bread!

Hot Poboy Sandwich – Layered with Ham, salami, mortadella, provolone, and our own specially made olive mix, the hot poboy sandwich by Paulies’ Poboys is not to be missed! You will definitely keep coming back for more!

Roast Beef Poboy Sandwich – The last item on our classic poboys menu, the roast beef poboy sandwich is yet another favorite! Filled with roast beef, Swiss cheese, homemade horseradish, mayo, and sourcream sauce, the roast beef sandwich is another popular item on our menu!

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