Muffuletta Sandwich

Our Muffuletta Sandwich is a Must Try!

Try our Muffuletta sandwich as it is recognized as the best sandwich!  Our poboy sandwiches in Houston are always served with fresh ingredients to fill your appetite. At our Poboy shop in Houston, Texas, we only use freshly baked bread. Choose from our variety of sandwiches and enjoy your meal time.

They are all-in-one kind of sandwiches that are everyone’s everyday favorite for a simple meal. Moreover, our Houston Poboy sandwiches are affordable and are available in so many different tastes and variations.

Best Meal Choice

The best thing about our Muffuletta sandwich is that it has the best ham salad in it. The best thing is that you will love the way all the ingredients are grooving in the tastiest mayo. The entire Muffuletta is big enough to satisfy you and keep you full for the rest of the day.

Additionally, our Houston Poboys can be enjoyed on-the-fly as well as at your desk as they don’t require any utensils. Our consumers say that convenience and the magical taste of our Poboys in Houston are the two primary reasons they make a purchase. Besides being extremely convenient, all our sandwiches are super healthy.

A Well-known and Familiar Meal with Endless Possibilities

When you visit our Houston Sandwich Shop, you will realize that there are endless options to choose from. We have a sandwich for every taste, mood, and time of the day. If you haven’t tried our very famous Muffuletta sandwiches, you must give them a try! The flavors and versatility of our Muffuletta speak for themselves.

At our Poboy shop in Houston, we get to see an inspiringly diverse and adventurous customer base every day. This is the reason we keep on experimenting with new flavors without pushing the boundaries of the traditional Houston Poboys.

What’s so special About Muffuletta Sandwich?

What’s there not to like about large, double meat and double cheese sandwich with the mother of all sauces on top? Actually, it’s not exactly a sauce but the topping is done with generously piled pickles and mayo, which is then covered with the tastiest bread.

We Take Spreads and Dressings to the Edge

At our Poboy Shop in Houston, we make sure mayo is spread all the way to the edge to guarantee every bite of the Muffuletta is worth it! The spread creates a little barrier on the surface that prevents other ingredients from making everything soggy.

It’s all about the Layers

We use the best Jalapeno cheese and team it with something contrasting like pickles to balance out the taste. When all our ingredients are combined, they create a deeper flavor profile that hits all your taste buds simultaneously. At Paulie’s Poboys, our Houston sandwich shop, we believe in putting our heart and soul into every meal that we prepare.

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